100 ways to make better construction projects

Our products and solutions can be combined and utilized in many innovative ways. Here are one hundred ideas to inspire you to improve your construction design:

1. Ventilate harmful vapors at the foundations with Modulo
2. Raise building floor with Multimodulo
3. Improve acoustic insulation of floors with Minimodulo
4. Increase the load-bearing capacity of the foundations with New Elevetor
5. Protect basement walls form water with Defender
6. Reduce construction costs with Geopanel
7. Adapt to different construction demands with Geopanel Star
8. Accelerate the construction process with Geotub
9. Save space on the construction site with Geotub Panel
10. Lighten the slabs with New Nautilus
11. Achieve the smooth finish of the slab with New Nautilus Evo
12. Improve the seismic resilience of slabs with Skydome
13. Use the space in slabs for technical installations with Skyrail
14. Simplify installation with Airplast
15. Reuse the formwork for slabs construction with Geosky
16. Allow rainwater permeability on your estate with Geograss
17. Secure the access road edges with Georoad
18. Protect the grass on your green driveway with Salvaverde
19. Improve permeability of walking paths with Geofloor
20. Make a high resistant green parking with Runfloor
21. Stabilize gravel parking with Geogravel
22. Make a sustainable green facade with Wall-Y
23. Improve rainwater resilience with Drainroof
24. Organize events in your backyard with pavement Plastonella
25. Slow down rainwater runoff with Completa
26. Plant more trees and improve sustainability with Tubs
27. Add greenery both indoors and outdoors with Demetra
28. Prevent flooding with Aquabox
29. Accumulate rainwater and slow down dispersion with Drainpanel
30. Improve rainwater drainage with Drening
31. Manage wastewater with Drening Reflue
32. Reuse rainwater for your everyday needs with New Elevetor Tank
33. Reduce flood risks with Geocell
34. Arrange outdoor sports on modular surface Gripper Outdoor
35. Organize indoor sports on modular surface Gripper Indoor
36. Easily install tennis court on your property with Gripper Tennis
37. Create an opportunity for winter sports with Geoski
38. Improve grass surfaces for equestrian sports with Runfloor Horses
39. Allow bio-filtration with Biodrening
40. Improve waste treatment with Biomodulo
41. Add ventilated floors during the renovation with Minimodulo solution
42. Create a ventilated layer of the roof with Minimodulo solution
43. Provide natural ventilation of foundations with Modulo solution
44. Create structural infillings for stairs and ramps with New Elevetor solution
45. Ventilate foundation walls with Defender solution
46. Improve thermal insulation of the foundations with Modulo solution
47. Allow ventilated foundations for industrial buildings with Modulo solution
48. Prevent frost heaving at cold-storages with foundations solution
49. Improve the health of inhabitants with Modulo solution
50. Renovate degraded columns with formwork solution
51. Save expenses for swimming pool construction with Geopanel solution
52. Improve logistics on the construction site with Geopanel solution
53. Provide stability of column construction with formwork solution
54. Accelerate construction with precast columns with Geotub solution
55. Improve the seismic resilience of the structure with formwork solution
56. Adjust to underwater construction with formwork solution
57. Protect the building from hurricanes with formwork solution
58. Repair damaged concrete with formwork solution
59. Reduce the structural weight of the building with a lightweight slab solution
60. Increase the span between columns at a parking lot with slab solution
61. Lower the costs of the slab construction with reusable slab solution
62. Decrease the concrete consumption of slab with New Nautilus solution
63. Reduce the seismic mass of the building with Skyrail solution
64. Increase open floor space with lightweight slabs solution
65. Retrofit an intensive roof garden with Drainroof solution
66. Lower CO2 consumption with an extensive green roof with Drainroof solution
67. Create a low-maintenance sedum roof garden with Drainroof solution
68. Install a cost-effective modular plastic grid with Geoflor solution
69. Protect tree roots with New Elevetor solution
70. Improve air quality with Wall-Y green facade
71. Produce fruits and vegetables on the roof farms with Drainroof solution
72. Improve rainwater subdispersion with Drening Reflue solution
73. Harvest rainwater for your household needs with a water solution
74. Store water for fire protection with New Elevetor Tank solution
75. Reuse rainwater for irrigation with a water solution
76. Purify water from pollutants with Drening solution
77. Dismiss excess water that is retained on the property with a water solution
78. Lower costs for prefabricated housing with Geohouse social housing
79. Improve biofiltration with Biodrening and Biomodulo
80. Speed up the construction process with Build Fast building method
81. Improve safety on the construction site with our products
82. Reduce plastic waste pollution with our products
83. Reduce transportation and storage costs with our lightweight products
84. Improve urban flooding resilience with our water solutions
85. Enhance seismic resilience for high-rise buildings with our products
86. Protect the architectural heritage with our solutions
87. Enhance lean construction of the project with our solutions
88. Raise the resale price of the property with reusable products
89. Enhance urban resilience with our infrastructure solutions
90. Reduce CO2 emissions with our solutions
91. Improve sustainable profitability of your project
92. Save energy costs with our green solutions
93. Increase property value with our green and water solutions
94. Make building project more profitable with our formwork solutions
95. Improve the technical performances of the building with our foundations
96. Reduce construction costs with our slabs
97. Reduce home expenses with our solutions
98. Lower your costs for structural fillings with our foundation solutions
99. Stop wasting money on construction
100. Afford Tesla model 3 with Aquabox