Sustainable biostabilization systems

Geoplast always guarantees the highest quality of materials that are fully recyclable and environmentally sustainable. Our first concern is to design products and solutions with respect for the environment. With our innovative products for biostabilization and biofiltration system, we are supporting eco-friendly approach to the waste that comes as a result of the modern industry.

Biomodulo and Biodrening are ideal solutions to create perforated and self-supporting floorings for air diffusion in biostabilization systems that ensures a perfect biofiltration of the material to remove the unpleasant smells. Created with Polypropylene (PP), a recyclable material which can be obtained also from the regeneration of plastic waste, our products are strong, solid and provided with 4 nozzles designed with an ideal diameter to guarantee a uniform air diffusion all over the flooring, for an accurate filtration.

Biodrening consists of the plastic and modular elements made of HDPE. It allows the creation of biofilters in the floor with a dry installation of the product, avoiding the introduction of a concrete slab. The high resistance of the Biodrening prevents it from collapsing due to the weight of the overlying layers. Moreover, the perforated side surface of our product allows the flow of fresh air inside the filter layer and ensures its homogeneous distribution. Biodrening is ideal for biofilters of limited size, in which there is no need for devices that serve as the replacement of the filling material.

For a deodorized air diffusion system Geoplast suggests Biomodulo, a disposable formwork that can be used to build a perforated floor for the distribution of air inside the biofilter, thus simplifying its creation. Biomodulo is made of regenerated polypropylene, obtained from the recycling of plastic waste. Its strength and solidity make it resistant to high breaking loads. Biomodulo has 4 nozzles closed with caps that are removed after the pouring of the slab in order to create the holes for homogeneous air distribution. That way, it allows also the creation of floors resistant to the passage of heavy vehicles. Thanks to its lightness and the use of compensation accessories, the installation of the system is particularly easy and fast.

Biostabilization, better known as composting, is a process that allows the biological treatment of the putrescible part of the waste, making it inert and therefore less dangerous to the environment. Our Biomodulo represents a cost-effective solution that is a specially designed formwork to create a perforated slab perfect for composting air diffusion systems and plants. Geoplast tends to be the leader in the latest technological innovation, selecting the right materials to guarantee high quality, and find solutions to treat organic waste, reducing the burden on the environment. Biomodulo, created with 100% regenerated PP, is resistant and adaptable, and at the same time, it ensures a uniform distribution and diffusion of the air all over the surface of the perforated slab in composting plants and systems.

Biomodulo simplifies the construction process, as opposed to a traditional system with grills or prefabricated elements because it is very easy to install. Moreover, thanks to its structure patented by Geoplast, the regular distribution of the holes in the floor is easy to achieve. This guarantees a homogeneous air supply within the waste or within the filtration material of the bio-filter.

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