AirplastFormwork for the construction of lightweight unidirectional slabs


Airplast is a modular formwork in recycled polypropylene (PP) specially designed for the construction of unidirectional lightweight slabs as an alternative to polystyrene.


  • no imbibition
  • no necessity of vents
  • clean construction site



Airplast cross section

AIRPLAST is the result of Geoplast's pluriannual experience in the production of lightening elements for slabs.


AIRPLAST is a new concept of lightening system designed especially for precast predalles slabs.


The formwork is placed on the fresh concrete during the production: thanks to its anchoring feet and the alignement system, it can be easily fixed to the slab and perfectly aligned.


As it is made of recycled polypropilene (PP), it does not suffer problems of imbibition and it does not release water over time; moreover, the air inside the formwork is not dangerous in case of fire because it does not explode as in the case of polystyrene and no ventilation stacks are required to obtain a REI slab.


Why is AIRPLAST better than polystyrene?

AIRPLAST formwork is far more resistant than polystyrene and does not break in the corners. Moreover, it is impermeable, thus it does not hold water and does not release it over time.

Is any ventilation system necessary, as with polystyrene?

AIRPLAST formwork does not contain any harmful gas like styrene, thus it does not require any ventilation system, which is otherwise necessary according to VV.FF regulations, when using lightening system in polystyrene because it tends to explode, causing collateral damage, when under pressure.

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