How Geoplast formworks make building more profitable?

Formwork is an inevitable part of any construction site, be it a single-family house or a multi-building complex. Its characteristics, performances, and way of use can significantly affect the final costs of the construction work.

We designed formworks that suit the construction of versatile structural elements, and here are five ways it influences the overall profitability of every project:

Faster building process

Geoplast formwork products improve profitability on the construction site primarily with their suitability for fast mounting and demounting process that saves time and makes the workflow efficient.

Modularity and dimensional adaptability

Panels and column formwork elements of various modular dimensions are adaptable to the size of any wall. Work with our formwork can be more efficient in specific conditions like limited space while working on heights or at heritage sites. This proves both its usefulness and economic versatility.

Lightweight elements and no machinery needed for easier manipulation

Less or no machinery in the work process means less expenses. The lightweight elements (max 11 kg) make the transport and manipulation on-site easier, especially in comparison with traditional formworks made of aluminium or wood. Lightness also contributes to high-level worksite safety.

Reusability and saved resources

Reusability, which can reach more than 100 times, makes Geoplast formwork sustainable and highly financially convenient. We offer the possibility to rent our formwork online, in order to provide the maximum profitability for your projects.

No waste left

Our formwork products leave no waste, so their transport to landfills, as well as transportation costs, are completely avoided. All our products are completely recyclable and embody ‘circular’ approach against pollution caused by plastic waste.

Therefore, our formwork products are in accordance with lean construction principles, suitable for use in all climate zones, in various architecture types and sizes, providing safety at work and significant cost reduction of total construction expenses.

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