Extensive roof garden with grass

DRAINROOF system for roof gardens with grass is the best solution to take advantage of a luxurious green area with a correct thickness of the stratigraphy and relatively limited weights

  • Extensive Roof Garden with Grass_1
  • Extensive Roof Garden with Grass_2
  • Extensive Roof Garden with Grass_3
  • Extensive Roof Garden with Grass_4
  • Extensive Roof Garden with Grass_5


The modern solution against extreme urbanization


Roof gardens with grass are ideal to create areas where environmental mitigation and compensation are combined to aesthetic value. You can create original green surfaces with a great value of landscape integration. The use of DRAINROOF ensures drainage and a discrete water storage that allows the optimization of the use of the irrigation system, which must be installed, too.


  • Creation of new accessible surfaces and increase of housing welfare
  • Reduction of noise pollution for reduced noise transmission into the building
  • Optimization of air conditioning system
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