Geoplast products support Lean Construction

lean construction

Lean Construction is a growing construction trend which aims to produce minimum waste, use budget and time more efficiently, and workforce more effortlessly and safely. It eliminates all steps that increase the building process without adding value to the project. Geoplast products offer a very easy way to implement lean in most building projects as they support all major principles of Lean Construction:

Waste elimination

Excessed quantity of produced materials or elements, unnecessary transport that doesn’t respond to immediate needs of the construction process, materials and products that don’t meet specified requirements – don’t bring value to the process and are considered waste.
Formworks are leaner than any other formworks due to reusability and recyclable plastics.
Foundations and Slabs reduce overall use of concrete and all related work.

Efficient workflow

Efficient workflow eliminates any unnecessary steps, repeated, postponed work, and overproduction in general.
Foundations and Formworks improve workflow efficiency by reducing transport, storage, and are easy to install even in the limited space conditions.

Cost reduction

Building costs are lowered with reusable products, reduction of material, and reduction of overall related work.
Formworks are recyclable and reusable for more than 100 times, and require less workers.
Foundations and Slabs are easy to move, transport, and install, and decrease the amount of concrete embedded in buildings.
Green products provide turnkey solution, decrease energy costs, and help make the most out of a building’s thermal performances.

Worksite safety

Staff safety is an ultimate goal of lean construction. Safety is improved with safer products and decrease of workforce that allows still uninterrupted workflow.
Formwork and Foundations products help build the structure elements fast and decrease the construction site injury rate due to their lightness and reusability.

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