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Formwork for ventilated floors

MULTIMODULO is the result of Geoplast’s experience with plastic formwork systems for the construction of ventilated crawl spaces: it includes 4 elements in a single one, thus ensuring high standards of strength both during installation and pour thanks to nine supports for each element.

Multimodulo render


  • 1. reduced installation time and concrete consumption
  • 2. ideal for overloads and refrigerators
  • 3. easier installation of plumbing and electric plants


Installation Scheme

Modulo 3D cross section


MULTIMODULO is a plastic formwork system that creates a solid ribbed foundation slab that guarantees a high load-bearing capacity, both static and dynamic. Moreover, the ventilated crawl space allows the creation of technical void spaces useful for facilities.


Particularly suitable for industrial buildings, MULTIMODULO also guarantees a fast installation and the creation of a technical void space or a ventilated crawl space. It is ideal for construction of large buildings such as industries or schools.


It offers many advantages:


RADON GAS MITIGATION: the ventilated foundation allows the elimination of naturally accumulated Radon Gas


FAST INSTALLATION: the installation is very fast in respect to traditional systems that use inert materials


TIME SAVING: Savings in terms of transport and installation are guaranteed



    • Multimodulo Stopend


      The STOPEND avoids the passage of the concrete in the cavity. It’s available for MULTIMODULO heights from 13 to 40 cm.
      The combined use of MULTIMODULO, GEOBLOCK and STOPEND, permits cheap constructive solutions and high technical significance. 


    • Multimodulo Geoblock


      GEOBLOCK is an innovative product that facilitates the place on-site MULTIMODULO for the realization of ventilated foundations. It solved many issues in the construction site. 
      GEOBLOCK is an adjustable extension made of polypropylene that removes every possibility of concrete obstruction in the cavity. Thanks to its extensive capability up to 30 cm, useless cuts of MULTIMODULO are avoided and it can be adapted to any project.

Installation Instructions



Is MULTIMODULO treadable during installation?

Yes, it is. Just follow the recommendations indicated on the form. Only with temperatures above 30° C, it is necessary to be more careful.

How are ventilation stacks installed?

There is no exact calculations or prescriptions related to the required distance. To obtain an effective ventilation it is important to ensure the chimney effect, with the greatest as possible difference in height between north and south and an extended aeration surface. Geoplast Technical Department is in any case available to give all necessary assistance during both design and installation.

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