Geoplast solutions for high-rise buildings

Nathan suites condo, Geoplast

Global urbanization is accelerating and high-rise buildings are increasing. This results in a high concentration of related problems in urban areas. As this trend grows we must design and build high-rises with consideration for sustainability and residents’ well being. Our solutions support this goal in several ways:

  • Formworks are heavily used in high rises and switching to our recycled plastic formworks will drastically reduce risks and costs, while increasing sustainability,
  • Foundations reduce concrete use in high rise buildings as they have larger and stronger foundations,
  • Slabs reduce concrete use and seismic acceleration especially in high rise buildings that have many slabs,
  • Green solutions will reduce the energy costs and will overall reduce the urban heat island, while helping water drainage.

Our high-rise projects

Varyant tower Bornova, Izmir, Turkey

Varyant tower, Geoplast

One of the highest buildings in Izmir, Varyant Tower, was designed as hexagonal-plan tower. New Nautilus Evo, our product for lightweight bidirectional slabs, has been chosen because of its central cone that provides visual check during the pouring of bottom slab. Use of New Nautilus Evo in building 20,000 m2 of slabs resulted in:

  • Lighter construction,
  • Higher seismic resilience,
  • Faster building process.

Kalasatama tower, Helsinki, Finland

Kalasatama complex, Geoplast

Multiuse district Kalasatama in Helsinki consists of several towers on the waterfront. Our formwork for round columns Geotub was used in building large underground car-park, a 30m high underground construction. Geotub was used because of:

  • Quick and easy installation,
  • Modularity and ease of use,
  • Reusibility.

Nathan Suites condo, Singapore

Nathan suites condo, Geoplast

Luxury condominium Nathan Suites in Singapore was designed by Japanese architect Jun Mitsui. Our Geopanel formwork provided:

  • Fast and easy installation without machinery,
  • Safer work conditions,
  • Reusibility and therefore improved sustainability.

Lake Park residences, Kuala Lumpur

Slabs of exclusive urban residential complex LakePark in Kuala Lumpur were created with Geosky, our formwork for flat solid slabs. Geosky was chosen because it is:

  • Easily mountable and removable,
  • Reduces the costs of construction.

Marmara tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Building slabs of Marmara tower in Istanbul saved up to 20 % of concrete using New Nautilus. In such a large-scale project, saving concrete means not only saving costs, but also lowering overall weight of the building. New Nautilus provided:

  • Decreased weight of the building,
  • Improved seismic response,
  • Lowered CO2 emission derived from concrete production.

Portello residencies, Milan, Italy

Daniel Libeskind designed a new residential complex, whose foundation walls were protected with Defender. In such a large and complex construction works, Defender was chosen because:

  • It provides waterproofing without a gravel drainage layer,
  • It creates ventilation space between walls and backfill,
  • It is fast and easy installed.