Formwork for lightweight foundation slabs

Formwork systems for creating foundation slabs that are both lightweight and firm

  • formwork system for lightened slab

New Nautilus

Formwork for the construction of lightweight concrete bidirectional slabs


Geoplast offers a smart solution for creating lightened foundation slabs.


Our New Nautilus formwork is from a recycled plastic material called polypropylene. Polypropylene does not absorb nor release water, preventing the buildup of condensation and damp.


The advantages to making lightened foundation slabs are — reduced concrete usage, lighter weight, and high sturdiness. Sturdiness is especially important in case of an earthquake.


New Nautilus formwork can create a thicker, more passive foundation. Our formwork produces a ribbed slab with crossed beams placed between the upper and lower base, providing adequate reinforcement. Our formwork also replaces the traditional lightening methods without sacrificing quality or structural performance. This allows our formwork to create intrados that are homogeneous and smooth.


One of the best features of the New Nautilus is its modularity — it can be used individually or in unison in order to create a double structure.


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