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Formwork for ventilated floors

NEW ELEVETOR is an element made of recycled polypropylene for the creation of tanks or crawl spaces in the foundations; it is composed of a support base 58×58 cm that guarantees the tubes verticality and an easy and fast place and then, by a formwork 58x58x15 cm which should be wedged in the tubes upper part allowing the reduction of concrete consumption.

New Elevetor render


  • 1. Patented grid to guarantee the verticality of the tubes made of PVC
  • 2. dry walkability and it can be inspected
  • 3. high load bearing capacity of the structure


Installation Scheme

New Elevetor 3D cross section



Can phenomena of instability be created during the pouring stage?

No, because the pilars are armed and the base grille guarantees the appropriate stability during the pouring stage.

Can this system be adopted over slope surfaces?

It is possible only up to a certain slope of 14%.  In a similar case please contact our Technical unit.

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