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Household rainwater harvesting

Private systems to collect drained rainwater can be a cost-effective solutions to save drinking water from the uses in which it is not strictly necessary (irrigation, toilet flushing, washing machines, etc.)

  • underground basins for the colelction and reuse of rainwater for water supply
  • Household rainwater harvesting render drening
  • Household rainwater harvesting new elevetor tank construction
  • Household use 4
  • Household rainwater harvesting drening
  • Household rainwater harvesting new elevetor tank


High capacity modular system for the storm water retention, infiltration, disposal, or reuse

New Elevetor Tank

Accumulation tank made of reinforced concrete


Rainwater accumulation, draining, and disposal of wastewater


Modular system for rainwater accumulation and draining


AQUABOX, DRENING, and DRAINPANEL allow the creation of underground basins for the collection and reuse of rainwater for water supply for uses where drinking water is not strictly necessary (WC, irrigation, etc.). The modular structure and the high capacity of AQUABOX, DRENING, and DRAINPANEL makes it possible to build a non-invasive system, which can be installed without particular problems under the garden or in paved areas, taking advantage of the available surfaces.

AQUABOX and NEW ELEVETOR TANK, on the other hand, is ideal to create an accumulation tank in concrete with a variable height in order to guarantee a good water reservoir in limited spaces. AQUABOX and NEW ELEVETOR TANK can be installed under any surface, even under buildings, and can be customized with inspection manholes or technical spaces for pumps.


  • High mechanical resistance
  • High storage capacity
  • Quick installation
  • Versatility
  • Sustainable water management
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