Drainroof: 43 % energy savings

Drainroof is a cost-effective solution that lowers the energy consumption of a building by 43 %. Existing building stock can substantially enhance energy efficiency by retrofit solutions. For example, a residential building of 160 m2 by installing an extensive sedum roof garden with Drainroof would lower the energy consumption by 43 %. This is equivalent to over 1 ton of CO2 less per year for a single building.

Annual energy savings

NO green roof

4,920 kWh

8 cm extensive Drainroof

2,805 kWh

SAVINGS with Drainroof


NO green roof

4.920 kWh

8 cm extensive Drainroof

2.805 kWh

SAVINGS with Drainroof

43 % kWh


By adding Drainroof, both commercial and residential buildings could reduce the carbon footprint and lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. If this energy-efficient solution were to be applied throughout the country, we could make an important contribution to achieving the targeted CO2 emissions established by the European Union for 2030.

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