Geoplast infrastructure solutions enhance urban resilience

Geoplast infrastructure solutions enhance urban resilience - M50 Motorway

Sustainable urban planning requires resilient infrastructure solutions in the cities. Strategic turn in public policies from growth to resilience is recognized in EU Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024. Resilient infrastructure can save resources and reduce costs in the long-run.

Geoplast offers various solutions for resilient infrastructure, which are designed with environmental awareness. Our solutions need to be planned from the outset and strategically implemented in urban plans, in order to save resources. The result is enhanced resilience and at the same time improved economy.

Formwork solutions

Our formwork solutions are used for road and bridge infrastructure, electricity pylons, and construction of infrastructure in submerged conditions.


Geotub, Geotub Panel

Green solutions

Our green solutions include green car parks, reinforcements of the roadside, and green urban public areas.


  • Parking solution for green areas protects the grass from vehicles, preserving greenery and water infiltration, and is much cheaper than paving.
  • Because of installation method and durability, our grid for grass allows total cost saving, avoiding any further action usually required for traditional renovations of paved areas.
  • Permeability of the large surfaces in urban areas reduces the risk of hydrogeological disbalance and serves as a prevention of flood and related costs.

Geoflor, Runfloor, Salvaverde, Geogravel

Water solutions

Our water solutions can be used for irrigation of public parks, rainwater sub-dispersion, drainage, and harvesting.


Drainpanel, Drening, New Elevetor Tank, Geocell

Geoplast infrastructure solutions enhance urban resilience and improve sustainable profitability of the infrastructure projects in the long-run.