With Aquabox you can afford Tesla Model 3

Geoplast Aquabox Tesla model 3

Homeowners can reduce home maintenance costs by managing rainwater with our Aquabox. Efficient rainwater drainage reduces the costs for infrastructure and water-related property damage, and rainwater harvesting lowers the bills for water and improves resilience.

Example estimate of 200 m2 home ownership cost savings with Aquabox *:

Lower bills for technical water in buildings

Aquabox can be used for rainwater harvesting that saves the bills for non-drinking water purposes in the household:

  • Washing machines;
  • Sanitation and hygiene;
  • Watering the plants;
  • Irrigation of green areas and gardening;
  • Washing vehicles.

Mitigation of water-related damage

Aquabox system for rainwater infiltration and attenuation can prevent damage to the property caused by:
Heavy rainfall: a significant amount of precipitation in only a few hours can lead to severe landslide risk;
Floods: the most common risk for foundations and structural damage of the house;
Water retention: endangers sidewalks, pavings, topcoats, etc.

Decreased costs for maintaining infrastructure

Aquabox provides faster rainwater runoff, lowers dependency on the sewage system, and reduces the costs of maintenance of pavement threatened by damage from water retention. At the same time, repairing costs for clogged and leaking pipes of sewer lines can be prevented with an independent drainage system.


With these three Aquabox benefits homeowner’s 10-year savings could be approx. 40,000 EUR.
This is enough for Tesla Model 3.


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