Products for the construction of flat slabs, mono-directional slabs, and bidirectional slabs

Usage and properties of slab products

Geoplast offers a wide range of slab formworks: New Nautilus, New Nautilus Evo, Geosky, Skyrail, Skydome and Airplast. All Geoplast products for the construction of slabs are made of recycled plastic material polypropylene (PP). Every product design for the creation of a specific result: monodirectional or bidirectional (waffle) slabs, as well as flat reinforced concrete slabs.

Thanks to the lightness and the modularity of the slab formworks offered by Geoplast, they are a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to the traditional methods based on wood panels or lightening elements in polystyrene or bricks. The recycled plastic material makes our products very easy to handle and to storage at the building worksite. In the cases of New Nautilus and New Nautilus Evo, the formwork is built-in the concrete structure during the construction phase. For the rest of our product for slabs, they can be dismantled, easily cleaned, and reused several times.

New Nautilus and New Nautilus Evo are products for the lightening of bidirectional slabs that are built-in the concrete. The slab has a smooth finish from both sides since the product is embedded in concrete. This lightweight slab reduces the use of concrete and enables the realization of large span slabs with a reduced thickness. That reduces the overall weight of the structure and allows thinner bearing walls and fewer columns. Also, the seismic resilience of the whole structure is improved.

Geosky is a reusable formwork for flat slabs that allows simple installation and demounting process. It is a modular element adaptable to the chosen thickness of the concrete slab. Specific accessories allow an early dismantling of the product, economizing the worksite. The formwork is made of ABS, a very resistant material that is also lightweight. It guarantees simple handling without any mechanical lifting device. Therefore, Geosky is designed in order to ensure the worker’s safety during all the stages of the slab realization.

Airplast and Skyrail are formworks for the construction of monodirectional slabs. Airplast is made of recycled polypropylene, therefore, it does not have problems of imbibition and it does not release water over time. Skyrail offers a simple installation and demounting process since it is lightweight and reusable, allowing space for MEP, installation, and pipes between concrete ribs.

Skydome is a reusable and cost-effective solution for the construction of bidirectional, waffle slabs. It is made of ABS recycled plastic and can be in various depths: H 250, 300, 350, and 400 mm. Skydome is set on special interlocking supports, which make assembly fast and easy. It creates a domed, smooth shape in the slab, which makes it a great asset to interior design.

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