Geoplast Products


A slab formwork is an excellent solution to build easily and quickly the horizontal load-bearing structures of buildings directly onsite.


Geoplast offers a wide range of slab formworks: NEW NAUTILUS, GEOSKY, SKYRAIL, SKYDOME and AIRPLAST. Each of them is made of a recycled plastic material, the polypropylene, and has a specific application: bidirectional or monodirectional slabs, large-spanning reinforced slabs, predalles slabs. Thanks to the lightness and the modularity of the slab formworks offered by Geoplast, they are a real alternative to the traditional methods based on wood panels or lightening elements in polystyrene or bricks. The plastic material makes them very easy to handle and to storage in the build site. In some cases, the formworks can remain embedded in the concrete during the construction phases, but generally they can be dismantled, easily cleaned and reused several times.
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