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Geoplast designs and manufactures sustainability products for the construction industry. It was founded in 1974. Since 1998 it focuses only on sustainability solutions for construction with the use of recycled plastics. In 25 years, it has created more than 40 products that have hundreds of different applications in construction, each increasing sustainability while maintaining the profitability of the projects. Geoplast know-how is a deep understanding of construction, sustainability issues, and recycled plastics. Geoplast mission is to transform the construction industry by increasing efficiency, sustainability, replacing outdated materials, and – in the process – increase project profitability. Geoplast products are used globally in all kinds of construction projects, from smallest to biggest, from urban centers like New York to developing areas.

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About Geoplast

Mirco Pegoraro, CEO

Mirco Pegoraro is Geoplast founder, CEO, and head of design. He transformed Geoplast in 1998 into a sustainable construction product manufacturer with the first Geoplast product – Modulo. Since then, under his leadership, Geoplast achieved an innovation pace of multiple global product launches each year.


Over the last 25 years, Geoplast has grown to include:

  • 3 manufacturing plants in Padua, covering over 40.000 m2,
  • 26 production lines, including 2 regeneration and 24 injection molding machines,
  • The capacity to produce 25.000 tons of material or over 20 million parts per year,
  • More than 60 employees and a team of 10 research and consulting engineers,
  • A global network of suppliers and partners in all major cities of the world.


Geoplast manufactures a variety of solutions, including formwork for void spaces and structural elements, green and sport surface grids, rainwater management modules, and sustainable air diffusion systems.

All Geoplast solutions


Formwork for crawl spaces, raised floors, ventilated foundations, slabs, and roofs, and panels for the protection of basement walls.

Recycled plastic formwork

Reusable recycled plastic formwork for the construction of reinforced concrete walls, pillars, plinths, and circular, oval, and rectangular columns.


Permanent and reusable formwork for constructing full concrete slabs and lightened mono-directional and bidirectional slabs.


Permeable pavers for green parking lots and driveways, trays for intensive and extensive green roofs, and grids for indoor and outdoor green walls.


High-capacity stormwater management modules for rainwater retention, infiltration, draining, harvesting for reuse, and wastewater treatment.


Modular flooring for indoor and outdoor sporting events, dance, leisure activities, and equestrian soil consolidation.


Sustainable air diffusion flooring systems for composting, biofiltration, biostabilization, and air deodorization facilities.


Geoplast products are designed to improve the sustainability and profitability of construction projects through enhanced building performance, energy efficiency, urban resilience, worksite safety, and CO2 reduction.

All Geoplast products


Geopanel is a reusable formwork for the construction of foundations, walls, beams, and columns. It was the first recycled plastic formwork that revolutionized the construction industry.


Modulo is a permanent formwork for lightweight structural fillings and ventilated foundations and slabs. It was our first product and a best seller for the past two decades.


Aquabox is a modular, high-capacity stormwater management system for rainwater retention, infiltration, disposal, or harvesting for reuse.

New Elevetor

New Elevetor is a permanent formwork for the construction of crawl spaces and height compensations of up to 3 m height.


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