Geoplast Products


Modular formwork for square and rectangular columns

GEOTUB Panel, the plastic formwork for the creation of rectangular and square columns reusable for more pours. Flooring blocks, wooden or metal panels. It’s not just one light formwork, it is also fast to place.

Geotub Panel


  • 1. modular system: 55 combinations
  • 2. limited spaces storage
  • 3. Fast and precise plumbing and anchoring
  • 4. high resistance (60 kN/m2) and duration of the panels

The column panels are very light: they can be manually moved and easily installed by a single person. Moreover, the particularly smooth internal surface of GEOTUB PANEL system allows the installation of pillars and columns without using dismantling agents.

No more timber or steel are needed, a single light and fast installable formwork is enough. Square and rectangular columns in plastic can be built easily on any kind of worksite.

Its main advantages are:

LIGHTNESS: it can be handles without cranes or other mechanical lifting device

REUSABLE: the formwork panels are cost-effective as they can be reused for more than 100 times when properly used and maintained

STACKABLE: the forming system can be safely and conveniently stored even in damp places

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