Minimodulo: only 3 cm ventilation layer

Minimodulo is used for the creation of a thin ventilation layer of a minimum height of 3 cm. It can be used for ventilation of roofs and walls, for ventilation of slabs that need to maintain a limited height, as well as for foundations to eliminate rising moisture in the basement. Minimodulo solution for a ventilated layer is simple for installation, cost-effective, and has an excellent load-bearing capacity, compared to alternatives.

Minimodulo solution for ventilated roofs prevents condensation, eliminates moisture, and at the same time work as an insulation layer. Voided space mitigates external temperature fluctuations, resulting in roofs that are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This way, the use of a ventilated solution for roofs improves an energy-efficient, sustainable approach to building.

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