5 ways to reduce home expenses

Investing in a housing project includes the planning of the long term benefits for homeowners. With suitable design solutions, investors of energy-efficient houses can considerably cut future expenses. Here are 5 ways to lower costs for homeowners:

Green roofs and green walls are easily installed and reduce energy costs

Geoplast offers solutions for both intensive and extensive green roofs, and for green walls for building facade and interior design. Our green solutions improve sustainable profitability of projects by saving thermal energy, therefore increasing the resale price of the building and overall property value.

Water management solutions protect from water damage, reduce maintenance costs and improve the revenue

Single-family homes are vulnerable to various water-related risks besides flooding. Water retention at foundations, structural elements, or any paved areas of the property will damage building materials and increase maintenance costs. Also, properly planned water infrastructure can reduce water bills.

Lightweight slabs allow flexibility of interior space and improve re-selling possibilities of the house

If the family home uses lightweight slabs, then fewer structural walls and columns will be used. This will allow the family to easily change the configuration of rooms by adding or removing non-carrying walls and columns. This will allow them to keep the home while changing its floor plan and use.

Combination of green and water solutions provides higher insurance rates and better re-selling price of the property

Geoplast offers solutions to enhance the permeability of green roofs, paved, and grass areas. Our green solutions for permeable surfaces, combined with water solutions for rainwater reuse and sewage water disposal, save energy bills for water, and improve the conservation of natural resources.

Sustainability and resilience of the property provide better home pricing and higher living quality

The key to improving sustainability and resilience globally is to motivate homeowners to invest in it. This should be easy because most sustainability and resilience products offer substantial and immediate benefits to home-owners.