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In the modern building sector, a radon mitigation system is always more requested, as this kind of gas is very dangerous for our health.

The radon is a radioactive gas that is naturally present in the subsoil: if we are outdoor its presence is inoffensive but it becomes dangerous when we are in a closed space without an adequate ventilation. For this reason it is important that, especially in the foundation, the ventilation is ensured, in order to bring out the radon.

Geoplast offers a wide range of products to create ventilated foundations in many fields: residential, industrial or prefabricated buildings, schools and also in case of renovation of existing buildings. Modulo, Minimodulo, Multimodulo and New Elevetor are plastic formworks that can be used to build an efficient radon mitigation system. They are made of polypropylene, a recyclable material, resistant, light and easy to place. Thanks to their technical characteristics they ensure a good ventilation, even with a little thickness.

If in the foundation the ventilation is important, it is also an excellent choice for roofs, as it allows to maintain a high level of hygro-thermic comfort, combined to a good acoustic isolation: the ideal product for this purpose is Minimodulo that ensures the maximum ventilation in a little space.

The plastic formworks of Geoplast can be used also to build basement walls, ramps and ventilated foundations for fridge cells. For the basements walls the recommended product is Defender, an element in recycled polypropylene that allows a perfect ventilation and a water drainage.

Elevetor, thanks to its modularity and variable heights, is the right product to create access ramps or steps and sloping surfaces.

Ventilated foundations are fundamental in the building of fridge cells: in fact, the low temperature can be transmitted to the structure and freeze the water contained in the ground, causing warps and cracks on the floor. A ventilated foundation with Modulo can avoid this situation.

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