Geoplast slabs: use and benefits

Geoplast formwork for slabs is designed to inspire innovative solutions that rely on the concept of lightweight structure and building process without wasting the sources that nature gives us. All of our formwork for slabs is designed to be sustainable and improve lean construction. At the same time, our lightweight slabs can significantly decrease costs in the construction phase of any building project.

New Nautilus Evo, Skydome, Airplast, Geosky and Skyrail guarantee a perfect combination between slabs high performance and lightness. Our formwork for mono-directional slabs and bidirectional slabs replaces the lighteweight slabs construction with polystyrene, by reducing the mass of the structure and producing considerable advantages in seismic performance. Furthermore, the reduction of the slab’s weight provides important advantages for beams, pilars and foundations.

Geoplast formwork products for slabs are made of polypropylene, which does not absorb water and does not release humidity over time, so your houses remain dry and comfortable. Also, the lightweight elements are stackable, taking up small space on the construction site, and easy for handling and installation without additional machinery.

Our slabs reduce the amount of concrete used for construction up to 20 %. This saves costs for production and material, keeping a good load-bearing capacity of the slab. As a consequence, less used concrete reduces CO2 emissions. Besides that, fewer machines at the construction site can significantly minimize expenses for maintenance costs and fuel, and also reduces pollution. The building process with fast mounting and demounting saves time and makes the workflow more efficient. That way, the construction site allows fewer workers and saves expenses for the workforce. Our products for slabs reduce the waste at the construction site because one element can be reused more than 100 times. Built-in elements for slabs also reduce waste in the overall building cycle, leaving less concrete, and 100 % recyclable plastic. Recyclability and reusability of our elements save natural resources, reducing the use of steel and wood.

Our Geosky system combines the advantages of the classic decks in a single plastic product. Geosky combines the lightness and flexibility of wood with the resistance and durability of the multi-layer panels. It is suitable for flat slabs built from poured concrete. The ease of use and durability of our formwork makes it perfect for restoration and redevelopment projects that require high-quality slabs, with a smooth finish.

Our Skyrail is a solution for mono-directional slabs, or ribbed slabs. Mono-directional lightweight slab is a suitable solution for a false ceiling, which provides a technical compartment, which is a common element in commercial and office buildings. Smaller public buildings can also make full advantage of the benefits of building with lightened mono-directional slabs that contain space for pipes and electrical wiring. Besides saving the concrete expenses, monodirectional slabs reduce seismic mass, reduce the load on walls and columns, and minimize consumption of steel and concrete.

Bidirectional slabs, or waffle slabs, built with our New Nautilus and New Nautilus Evo are great solutions for parking lots, hospitals, as well as for residential purposes. Our waffle slabs can provide large spans that allow fewer columns and less bearing walls.

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