Fire protection water storage tanks

A fire extinguishing system must have a water reserve that contains a minimum supply in case of emergency. When properly recovered and stored in a tank, rainwater is the possible solution

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New Elevetor Tank

Accumulation tank made of reinforced concrete


NEW ELEVETOR TANK allows the building of inground fire protection storage tanks. They are made of concrete, lightened and cast on-site, to store rainwater and use it as fire protection reserve. NEW ELEVETOR TANK can be customized with a room for the water pumps.

Thanks to its modularity, the fire protection storage tanks can be built in different size, shape and height. The structure of NEW ELEVETOR TANK grants an excellent distribution of the loads, which allows a reduced thickness of the foundation and upper slabs compared to traditional systems, while providing high resistance even with heavy vehicles. NEW ELEVETOR TANK avoids the use of prefabricated elements, which are often difficult to handle. With this solution a smart use of recovered rainwater is finally possible.

NEW ELEVETOR TANK, like other solutions offered by Geoplast, is made of Polypropylene, a material produced by the recycling of plastic waste materials. It is strong and solid, so it can easily hold up heavy weights. Moreover it is eco-friendly, not polluting, neutral and resistant to water and chemical agents.

NEW ELEVETOR TANK is composed by 3 elements: grids, PVC pipes and formworks.
Grids are positioned on the ground and are necessary to support the PVC pipes in a perfect vertical position. The PVC pipes have a diameter of 12,5 cm and variable height, depending on the construction needs (from 75 to 200 cm). They are filled with concrete: in this way they create a supporting structure.

The system is then complete when the formwork are placed on the top of the pipes.


  • High mechanical strength
  • Customizable size and shape
  • Less waste of concrete
  • Sustainable water management
  • Reduced size on the surface
  • High storage capacity
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