Our slabs reduce construction costs

Our lightweight slabs can significantly decrease costs in the construction phase of any building project. At the same time, their characteristics and performance are designed with the goal of improving environmental sustainability.

Here is how Geoplast slabs solutions can improve sustainable profitability of various projects:

Less concrete

Profitability: Our slabs reduce the amount of concrete used for the construction up to 20 %. This saves costs for production and material, keeping a good load-bearing capacity of the slab.

Sustainability: Less used concrete reduces CO2 emissions.

Less concrete improved sustainable profitability for 8,000 m2 of slabs at the complex Bosch Engineering Center Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Less machinery

Profitability: Our lightweight products for slabs are easy to handle and can be installed without additional machinery. Fewer machines at the construction site can significantly minimize expenses for maintenance costs and fuel.

Sustainability: Pollution is reduced by less or no need for machinery.

Reducing the need for machinery saved costs for the construction at Designer Outlet Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia.

Less time

Profitability: The building process with fast mounting and demounting saves time and makes the workflow more efficient. That way, the construction site allows fewer workers and saves expenses for the workforce.

Sustainability: Reduction of construction time decreases negative impacts on the environment.

Geoplast build fast process helped speed up the construction work at Varyant Tower in Bornova, Izmir.

Less waste

Profitability: Our products for slabs reduce the waste at the construction site because one element can be reused more than 100 times. Built-in elements for slabs also reduce waste in the overall building cycle, leaving less concrete, and 100 % recyclable plastic.

Sustainability: Recyclability and reusability of our elements save natural resources, reducing the use of steel and wood.

Reusable elements reduced slabs’ construction costs at the famous multi-purpose building Le Nuage, Montpellier, France.


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