Elliptical columns construction

The ideal solution for car parks

  • Elliptical columns


Modular recycled plastic formwork for the construction of concrete walls, foundations, and columns


Reusable recycled plastic formwork for the construction of round columns


Among the wide range of its products, Geoplast offers also the first plastic formwork for building elliptical columns.


This solution uses a combination of two products: Geopanel and Geotub.


Most Geoplast formwork panels share the same module which allows different systems to be easily compatible with one another. As a result, Geopanel and the Geotub circular column formwork work together very efficiently to produce elliptical columns.


This solution is especially useful tool for producing elliptical columns in multi-story car parks by creating sleek and maneuverable spaces for vehicles; however, it can also be useful for residential, industrial or service areas.


Like all our other Geoplast products Geotub is eco-friendly and made of recyclable plastic. Compared traditional wood panels, Geotub  is lighter, easier to handle, convenient to remove and store (dismantling does not require releasing agents), and can be easily cleaned with water. Our product can be installed very quickly and if properly maintained, is able to be reused over 100 times.


Thanks to its modularity, Geotub is capable of building elliptical and round columns of different heights and diameters, satisfying every planning and construction needs. Moreover, the circular columns produced by Geotub have a smooth, aesthetic finish — perfect for painting or decorating.


  • lightweight — max weight 11 kg
  • quick to install: light and easy to handle
  • modularity: all elements are 600 mm long
  • storage: GEOPANEL can be completely dismantled and stored even in damp places
  • dismantling: it can be easily dismantled and cleaned with water
  • reusable: Can be reused more than 100 times
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