Energy cost savings with Geoplast green solutions

Energy cost savings with Geoplast green solutions

Buildings energy consumption accounts for 36% of all global energy consumption. This makes energy use in buildings one of the biggest opportunities for cost savings. Our green roofs and green walls are an efficient passive energy solution and substantially lower energy costs. Green roofs are the most effective in landscrapers and green walls in skyscrapers. Both can be very easily installed on any existing building to reduce energy costs.

Green roofs

Green roofs are one of the most profitable energy solutions because of the simple installation to the existing roof, easy maintenance, and considerable benefits. Green roof works as an insulator layer, which can lower the need for air conditioning load to cool a building during summer by 10 to 30 percent. In winter, green roofs prevent heat loss of the building by retaining between 25-40 % of the precipitation.

Green walls

Green walls provide more benefits for multi-story buildings compared to green roofs, because of the impact on the entire building envelope, not only the top floor. Green walls have a lower temperature than the traditional walls, which varies depending on the plants used, climate conditions, season temperature, etc. Greenery can lower the temperature of the traditional walls of the building in summer, and reduce energy costs by 23 percent.

Energy cost reduction example

A ten-story office building could experience approx. 20 % savings in energy costs after the green roof and green wall have been installed. Its’ average 10 year costs for cooling and heating could reach 1 million EUR, which means that 10 year savings due to our green solutions could amount to approx. 200,000 EUR.

Our green solutions respond to environmental demands for energy conservation. Geoplast offers solutions for both intensive and extensive green roofs, and for green walls for building facade and interior design. Our green solutions improve sustainable profitability of projects by saving thermal energy, therefore increasing the resale price of the building and overall property value.

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