Sustainable stormwater management solutions

Geoplast has designed innovative and successful products which can be used to build efficient rainwater reuse systems, preserve the natural water cycle, and prevent the damages of massive urbanization. The prevention of flood damage for private houses, public buildings, and infrastructure projects, is an important factor in the reduction of expenses and saving of water resources. Also, cities are vulnerable to various water-related risks besides flooding. Water retention at foundations, structural elements, or paved areas will damage building materials and increase maintenance costs. Also, properly planned water infrastructure can increase drinking water supplies.

Aquabox is our modular underground system for sustainable stormwater management. If the permeability of the soil allows it, Aquabox elements may be used as drainage basins to gradually release stormwater into the ground. Where the permeability of the soil is poor, they can be combined with attenuation tanks and used as retention basins. Aquabox elements can also form water storage basins for reuse, that are convenient for household rainwater harvesting. Thanks to its modularity and high load-bearing capacity, Aquabox is suitable for a range of projects, from rainwater infiltration on landscaping surfaces and irrigation of public parks, to the drainage of industrial and commercial areas that are subjected to heavy vehicle traffic.

Our New Elevetor Tank is the system for the realization of cast on-site tanks for water storage. The scarcity of drinking water places it among the most important natural resources that need to be reused and carefully managed. The most suitable solution for a fire protection water storage in residential areas, large commercial buildings, or any building complex, is New Elevetor Tank. Also, it gives great results for parking lot drainage.

Drening Reflue is made of HDPE (high density regenerated polyethylene), a plastic polymer, chemically inert, with high resistance to shocks and perfect for water saving systems in agricultural lands, residential or parking areas. Drening Reflue can also be used for rainwater subdispersion from settlements that are not connected to the sewer system. In this case, water just needs to be conveyed in the special accumulation tanks.

Drening and Drainpanel are cost-effective solutions for commercial and residential buildings drainage. Rainwater disposal systems, which do not excessively overload the drainage facility, are often required in new residential areas. These solutions must prevent potential floods in order to protect the building from water-related damages. In the case of public areas in the city, Drening and Drainpanel can be used for the irrigation of public parks. Rainwater recover and storage systems allow the irrigation of public lawns and parks without wasting drinking water and ensuring, at the same time, sustainable water management.

All our water products function can be combined and used as a great cost-effective multi-solution for household rainwater harvesting. The stored water can be reused for garden irrigation, showering, washing, and fire protection systems.

Our water products can be used for water drainage that supports the road infrastructure. During intense rainfalls, the road must be as free of water as possible in order to avoid traffic disruptions or accidents. It is necessary to adopt solutions to quickly drain water without overloading the drainage facilities.

Geoplast always finds solutions that respect the environment and restore the hydrological balance. Our products are not only a flood prevention measure but as they facilitate water infiltration in the subsoil. Our solutions are also useful to refill the aquifers, which are one of the main supply sources for water exploitation. Owners of private houses and investors of large-scale public buildings can especially profit from the implementation of a combination of green and water solutions, known as blue-green infrastructure. Our green and water solutions can be easily installed in any phase of the project, from conceptual design to adaptation of the existing building. Besides improving the sustainability of the environment and urban resilience, a combination of green and water solutions provides long term cost-benefits for owners and investors.

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