Geoplast Solutions



Geoplast has designed innovative and successful products which can be used to build efficient rainwater reuse systems, to preserve the natural water cycle and to prevent the damages of a massive urbanization. Drening Reflue is made of HDPE (high density regenerated polyethylene), a plastic polymer, chemically inert, with high resistance to shocks and perfect for water saving systems in agricultural lands, residential or parking areas. 

Drening Reflue can be also used for sewage disposal from settlements which are not connected to the sewer system. In this case, it is possible water just needs to be conveyed in the special accumulation tanks

Geoplast always finds solutions which respect the environment and restore the hydrological balance. Our products are not only a flood prevention measure, but as they facilitate water infiltration in the subsoil, are also useful to refill the aquifers, which are one of the main supply sources men usually exploit.

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