Irrigation of public parks

Rainwater recover and storage systems allow the irrigation of public lawns and parks without wasting drinking water and ensuring, at the same time, a sustainable water management

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  • Irrigation of public parks 2
  • Irrigation of public parks 3


Rainwater accumulation, draining, and disposal of wastewater


Modular system for rainwater accumulation and draining


High capacity modular system for stormwater retention, infiltration, disposal, or reuse


AQUABOX, DRENING, and DRAINPANEL are ideal for the sustainable use of water resources. AQUABOX, DRENING, and DRAINPANEL can be used to create underground systems that allow the collection of rainwater from a car park, a square, a green surface in order to reuse them again for the irrigation system. DRENING and DRAINPANEL represent a valid alternative to prefabricated tanks, especially if the surfaces are irregular, or if there are difficulties with handling operations.


  • High mechanical resistance
  • Versatility
  • Water savings
  • High storage capacity
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