How our products improve construction site safety

Construction safety basics

More than 20% of accidents in EU and USA happen in the construction sector. Most common causes of these accidents are so-called fatal four: falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught in between two objects. Besides fatal accidents, other hazards are causes of workers’ serious injuries. Manual tasks that impact the musculoskeletal disorders and health of workers: repetitive movements, sustained force, sustained postures, exposure to vibration, soft tissue injuries, acute or chronic pain, and nerve injuries.


In EU and USA the limited weight that construction workers can take by themselves is 25 kg, while in Australia it is limited to 20 kg. The risk of back injury increases with objects above the range of 16 – 20 kg. The upper weight limit to carry, lift, or lower objects is 55 kg. From this weight on, mechanical assistance must be provided.

Our products

We designed and patented products that improve safety on the construction sites, since they are:

  • Light weight – there is much less risk of fall onto workers nor injuries,
  • Easily mountable and demountable – modularity and less power tools needed,
  • Easily stored and transported – less machinery or trucks needed.

Foundations productsFoundations products

  • Light weight – max weight 7.48 kg/m2,
  • Easy mountable – due to modularity, with less risk of falls or being stuck,
  • Less workers needed in installation process – no cranes nor machinery needed.

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Formwork productsFormwork products

  • Light weight – from 4 to 11 kg per piece,
  • Easy mountable and demountable – simple and use of accessories (handles, spacers, anchor nuts),
  • Easy to store and transport on the construction site – much less trucks necessary,
  • Less workers needed to assemble formwork elements – much less cranes or additional machinery needed.

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Slabs productsSlabs products

  • Light weight – up tp 2.80 kg doubled (New Nautilus), up to 1.35 kg (Airplast G-H21),
  • Easy mountable – no machinery nor cranes needed,
  • Less workers needed in installation process – less risk of injuries,
  • Stable and firm during the construction works – less risk of falls.

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Water productsWater products

  • Light weight – 10 kg (Drainpanel), 11 kg (Drening), 12 kg/m2 (New Elevetor Tank, 3 pcs),
  • Don’t require deep excavation depths – less risk from mudslide,
  • Modular and easily installable – less risk from being stuck.

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