Wastewater subdispersion

Wastewater subdispersion, i.e. the dispersion of wastewater in the subsoil, is a widely used sewage disposal system in residential areas and buildings without a sewer service. This process must be very efficient in order to avoid human health problems and environmental hazard

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Drening Reflue

Product for wastewater management


In residential areas without a sewage system, it is important to create a wastewater management system.

Geoplast offers an efficient solution based on DRENING, a modular element made of HDPE that allows to filter and purify black water before releasing it in the subsoil.

This kind of material, HDPE (high density regenerated polyethylene), has specific characteristics: it is inert (so it can’t be attacked by chemical agents), long-lasting, solid but also flexible, resistant to any shock.

DRENING can be assembled for the creation of wastewater disposal systems, placing each single element one after the other, creating parallel lines, downstream of the biological basin.

The large dispersion surface of DRENING allows a very rapid and uniform filtering into the ground. Moreover, DRENING can be easily cleaned and has less clogging problems than the traditional PVC slotted pipes.

Thanks to its storage capacity, DRENING greatly reduces the lenght of the dispersion system, up to 50%, and it is possible to install it even in small or sloping areas.

Through the ventilation stacks placed outside, air can easily penetrate in the system by natural draft, thus helping the biological treatment of the wastewater, returning cleaner water to the environment and preventing the problem of foul smells.

With DRENING, the wastewater management system can be easily built thanks to the light modular elements: it allows a fast installation, satisfying every planning and construction needs.

Thanks to its versatility, DRENING can be used also in industrial areas and for the drainage of car parks and road infrastructures.


  • Easy to clean and inspect
  • Large dispersion surface
  • Versatility
  • Smells formation prevention
  • Greater flexibility
  • Wastewater treatment and purification
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