Application of sport flooring products

Geoplast’s Gripper range of products is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for versatile and multipurpose tiles for tennis, field hockey, volleyball, racing, dance, multi-sport, and recreational areas. Geoplast believes that sport must be accessible to everyone. For this reason, our design team creates sports floors in Polypropylene (PP), which is a polymer resistant to stresses and weathering, that guarantees, in the case of a tennis court, the right balance between adherence to the shoes to the ground, safety, and control.

Gripper Outdoor, Gripper Indoor, and Gripper Tennis are our products for sporting events that are adjusted for different conditions, and specifficaly designed for exterior, interior, and tennis events. The excellent footwear grip and the high shock-absorbing capacity make Gripper Tennis the perfect tennis-playing surface suitable for players of all levels. The extraordinary capabilities of this material offer high performances both for indoor and outdoor sport activities. Gripper is the best solution for any type of outdoor activity. The holes in the tiles allow the drainage in case of rain and they are easy to clean.

Every type of Gripper flooring: for tennis, basketball, volleyball or dance, is extremely easy and quick to install, thanks to the Snapfit coupling. We guarantee the installation in only 4 hours. Thanks to the ease of assembly and disassembly, as well as the comfortable transport in pallets, Gripper is ideal for temporary sports events, in public squares and indoor spaces.

Our Geoski is a high-performance surface for winter sports, made in polyethylene. It is the revolutionary synthetic surface that allows practicing of winter sports the whole year, especially in the absence of snow. It can be used for competition and training ski tracks, both for beginners and professionals. Geoski allows the creation of a high technical degree ski slope that allows the endurance and the ski fluidity of the natural snow. It is also suitable as a solution for ski lifts, since it is size-adjustable. This solution allows replacing the snow where it is needed in case it wares off: ski lifts, departure and arrivals of the cableway installations, crossings and connecting roads. Additionally, our Geoski is a cost-effective solution for ski parks and snow-tubing. That way, Geoski allows the creation of a snowpark that can be used during summer, suitable for urban events.

Runfloor Horses is our high resistance grid for the consolidation of equestrian surfaces. For the creation of horse riding arenas and schools, it is cost-effective solution to build a stratigraphy with Runfloor Horses with a gravel draining layer and a sub-installation made with gravel or sand.

Our solutions for sport are adaptable to different project requests. Products are made out of recycled material and reusable, supporting the sustainability goals of the Geoplast design strategy. All of our sports solutions have a perforated surface that guarantees fast drainage in case of rainfalls, as well as easy cleaning and maximum safety. That way, Geoplast improves the water resilience of the outdoor sports areas and minimizes the waste that follows the construction of temporary sporting events.

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