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Cellular structural drainage panel with high horizontal flow capacity

GEOCELL is a modular panel in regenerated PP designed for the creation of horizontal and vertical drainage systems for the efficient disposal of rainwater. According to the typology of installation, GEOCELL can both facilitate the disposal of water from the soil, avoiding the flooding of the surface and avoid the water stagnation protecting underground structures along with the improvement of the areas where drainage is very difficult. It restores the natural hydrological cycle and contributes to the recharge of the aquifers.

Geocell render


  • 1. Bidirectional drainage
  • 2. Easy installation
  • 3. Tiltable up to 90°
  • 4. High void index
  • 5. High resistance

Installation Scheme

WITHOUT GEOCELL render-02a-no-geocell

Gravel allows a monodirectional water movement, from upward to downwards. Mano a mano che il terreno sottostante si satura (specie se ha una permeabilità medio-bassa) il moto viene ostacolato e l’acqua rimane in superficie.

WITH GEOCELL render-02b-geocell

GEOCELL, on the contrary, allows a bi-directional water movement both along the verticality and along the floor slope, channeling water to the drainage system. In this way, water can flow horizontally avoiding the system’s clogging, even in the case the underground becomes saturated and the infiltration inhibits.

Geocell Excavation Details
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