Geoplast products that improve urban resilience

Flooding / urban resilience

Around 40 million people in the world are under constant flooding risk in coastal cities. Floodings are consequences of sea level rise, hurricanes, high tides, groundwater rise, or extreme precipitation. So far, the most challenged world countries and cities have been:

  • China – Shanghai,  Guangzhou, Shenzhen,
  • India – Kolkata, Mumbai, Dhaka,
  • USA – New York, Miami, Key West, Cape Hatteras, Tampa, New Orleans,
  • Southeast Asia – Ho Chi Mihn, Bangkok,
  • Japan – Tokyo, Nagoya.

Endangered areas are urged to increase their resilience. Predictions regarding climate change–related disasters listed for next decades are:

Following products can significantly increase the resilience of endangered areas:


Geopanel, Geotub, Geopanel Star, and Geotub Panel:

  • Provide mechanically and seismically resistant structures,
  • Suitable for fast-building of homes and shelters.


Drening and Drainpanel:

  • Create underground basins in public areas like parking lots or parks,
  • Irrigate, accumulate, drain, and dispose the rain- or wastewater,
  • Prevent flooding by slowing down the discharge of rainwater,
  • Useful in areas where city sewage infrastructure is missing.

New Elevetor Tank:

  • Creates underground concrete water storage tanks,
  • Accumulates rainwater in public areas like parks or parking lots,
  • Suitable for household water harvesting and irrigation of green areas,
  • Prevents flooding by discharging the rainwater directly into sewage infrastructure.


  • Accumulates and drains rainwater by providing high horizontal and vertical flow capacity,
  • Suitable for parking lots and pedestrian areas.


  • Used to raise foundations of houses in areas under high flooding risk,
  • Provides stabilization to a building.


  • Protects the insulation of foundation walls and ventilates them.


  • Eliminates rising damp in walls and foundations.


Completa and Drainroof:

  • Increase the urban green surfaces when used for green roofs’ coverage,
  • Decrease the heat-island effect by decreasing the local temperature,
  • Capture and regulate the run-off of rainwater on green roofs.
  • Regulate thermic insulation of the building,
  • Decrease the amount of CO2 in the air.

Geograss, Salvaverde, and Geoflor:

  • Protect grass and its roots when used for green driveable and walkable areas,
  • Increase green surface on the urban level,
  • Provide drainage of green areas.


  • Lowers local temperature when used on façade walls,
  • Decreases the heat-island effect.

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Photo: @Chris Gallagher