Products for ventilated foundations, crawl spaces, ventilated roofs, and protection of basement walls

Foundation products: features and advantages

Geoplast offers a wide range of products for the construction of crawl spaces, ventilated foundations, slabs, and roofs, and protection of basement walls. We designed foundation products that are lightweight, modular, and available in different sizes. Our Geopod, Matrix, Modulo, Minimodulo, Multimodulo, New Elevetor, Elevetor Max, Skynet and Defender are made of polypropylene (PP), a recyclable material. Because of the material characteristics, all our products are resistant, lightweight, and easy to handle.

Geopod is a permanent modular formwork for the construction of waffle raft foundations and ground slabs on expansive clay soils. The large Geopod module measures 109 x 109 x h30 cm, creating 120 cm spaced ribs that are fully compliant with the Australian Residential Slabs & Footings standard AS 2870-2011. The range also includes Geopod-Midi (1/4 of the main pod) and Geopod-Mini (1/8 of the main pod) for horizontal compensations and adaptability to any worksite.

Matrix is our recycled polypropylene formwork for the construction of concrete floating floors with MEP systems. It combines a high load-bearing capacity of concrete with simple positioning of MEP, which makes it superior to metal pedestal floors and full concrete slabs. Matrix creates a stable, monolith base that provides fire resistance, improved acoustics, easy MEP maintenance, and allows any type of top-finishing (laminate, marble, wood, etc).

Our products Modulo, Multimodulo, New Elevetor, and Elevetor Max for the construction of foundations are easy to install without the additional workforce and heavy machinery. They allow efficient workflow that eliminates any unnecessary steps, repeated, postponed work, and overproduction in general. Therefore, our products for foundations provide the possibility for the Geoplast Build Fast process of construction. This building approach saves time and improves the overall profitability of the project during construction as well as in the long term.

The ventilated foundation construction includes several benefits in regard to structural quality and maintenance. The ventilated layer provides natural ventilation in buildings, keeping the foundations dry and mitigating the rising damp from the soil. Also, the space between the soil and foundation slab can be used as a crawl space for infrastructure, MEP, and pipes. At the same time, this voided space serves as an insulation layer that keeps the moderate temperature of the foundation slab, preserving the stability of the concrete.

Ventilation is also important for the quality and durability of concrete slabs and roofs. Our Minimodulo allows the roof to maintain a high level of hygro-thermic comfort and improved acoustic isolation. Minimodulo provides excellent ventilation for a very thin layer of only 3 cm thickness.

Defender is the foundation product that we have specifically designed for the protection of basement walls. It is an element made of recycled PP made for a simple installation on the concrete wall. It creates a waterproofing space between the wall and the backfill, that provides full water protection of the underground wall. Our Defender provides excellent mechanical strength, therefore, it does not require gravel for the backfill.

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