Recycled plastic formwork

Recycled plastic formwork implementation

The choice of an efficient formwork solution is a significant decision for saving both time and costs during the construction process. Geoplast designed formwork solutions that can suit a wide range of construction elements: walls, round columns, square and rectangular pillars, elliptic columns, or multi-solution construction. For this reason, our solutions can be used for buildings, roads, infrastructure projects, bunkers, swimming pools, or to build an entire prefabricated house.

Geopanel, Geopanel Star, Geotub, and Geotub Panel are made of recyclable and recycled plastic material that efficiently substitutes the traditional timber formwork. Geoplast formwork products improve profitability on the construction site primarily with their suitability for fast mounting and demounting process that saves time and makes the workflow significantly more efficient.

Less or no machinery in the work process means lower expenses. The lightweight elements that weigh max 11 kg, make transport and on-site manipulation easier, especially in comparison with traditional formworks made of aluminum or wood. Lightness also contributes to high-level worksite safety.

Reusability, which can reach more than 100 times, makes Geoplast formwork sustainable and highly financially convenient. We offer the possibility to rent our formwork online, in order to provide the maximum profitability for your projects with minimal upfront investments.

Formwork panels have various modular dimensions, which are adaptable to the size of any wall. The construction process with our formwork is much more efficient in specific conditions like limited space, work on heights, and construction at heritage sites around buildings and monuments that are protected. This adds to the usefulness and economic versatility of our formwork solutions.

Our formwork products leave no waste, therefore, the transport to landfills is completely avoided. All our products are 100 % recycled and recyclable and embody a ‘circular’ approach against pollution caused by plastic waste.

In addition to being a sustainable material, the recycled plastic used for Geoplast formwork allows easier the formwork removal process: it is sufficient to clean the elements using only a little water, without any detergent.

Our Geopanel can substantially improve lean construction because of its efficient handling on the building sites of all project types, sizes, and complexities. Geopanel can be used for one part of the structure and then dismantled and reused for another, saving time and money. That way, it represents a great solution for the creation of columns, plinths, and concrete walls. Geopanel for wall construction results in a very smooth wall finish because it is made of recycled plastic material (ABS). For housing projects, it is a cost-efficient solution to build all the concrete walls, eliminating additional waste, and reducing the workforce.

Our Geotub provides multiple benefits for column restoration and construction. It can be used for the renovation of degraded concrete columns, in cases where columns have deteriorated and reinforcements are exposed due to concrete degradation. Geotub is available in different dimensions, offering cross-section adjustable to any project requirement. Also, it can be combined with Geopanel and used for the construction of elliptical columns. Columns with oval cross-section are especially suitable for seismic resilience, and for viaduct construction where oval shape columns need to be adjusted to specific requirements of the traffic plan.

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