Residential and commercial buildings drainage

Rainwater disposal systems which do not excessively overload the drainage facility are often required in new residential areas; these solutions must prevent potential floods in order to protect the building from damages

  • Residential and commercial buildings water drainage
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Modular system for rainwater accumulation and draining


Rainwater accumulation, draining, and disposal of wastewater


DRENING and DRAINPANEL guarantee an on-site water management, facilitating the water disposal in the subsoil, or the release in the sewer network with a controlled flow rate, avoiding problems of flooding and potential damages to residential buildings and subservices.


DRENING and DRAINPANEL’s structure is modular and can be installed under any type of surface, guranteeing and optimal use of space. DRENING is generally used with shallow installation depths (f.e. if there is an aquifer), while DRAINPANEL is used when the space is limited and the basin needs to develop in depth. The high dispersant surface allows a fast drainage, avoiding stagnation which is an issue of traditional open-air basins that may suffer from odour, safety and animal health problems.


  • Low Invasiveness
  • In situ water management
  • High dispersant surface
  • Prevention of flooding
  • Versatility
  • No safety problems and water stagnation
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