Multi solution

Combination of products for maximum results

Geoplast always guarantees the highest quality of materials that are fully recyclable and environmentally sustainable. Our first concern is to design products and solutions with respect for the environment. With the combination of our innovative solutions, it is possible to achieve the maximum results in the profitability and sustainability of your project. Geoplast multi solutions can substantially decrease building costs during the construction phase of the project. For example, our multi-solution projects which combine slabs solutions and formwork solutions can significantly lower the overall costs for concrete, machinery, and electricity on the worksite. Also, for large urban design projects, there are many additional benefits if various foundations solutions are combined, such as Modulo, Multimodulo, and New Elevetor.

Geohouse social housing is a construction method to build low cost houses of variable sizes. Our multi-solution for social housing allows fast building process and cost-effective construction site. By a combination of our products Geopanel, Modulo, and Drening, you can get an affordable formwork construction for the house of any desirable size. Our reusable formwork Geopanel saves time and costs for building the walls. Modulo is used for the foundation slab and ensures the stability of the structure. Drening allows rainwater accumulation and disposal of wastewater, which is of crucial importance at the site with a poor sewage system. At the same time, all of our products allow fast construction without additional machinery and can be installed with a small workforce. That is the main reason why the building process is especially fast and simple. Also, there is no need to have a large construction site, since all Geoplast formwork elements are stackable. That saves money for transportation, lowering the number of trucks needed for formwork.

Build fast building method is important result of Geoplast multi-solution ideas. That is a Building solution that increases the speed of building and lowers the overall building costs by combining multiple Geoplast solutions and products. It is a combination of our products for foundations, slabs, and formwork for walls and columns. The solution includes a combination of our Modulo, New Nautilus, Geopanel, and Geotub. Build Fast is an innovative building solution that makes it possible to improve building speed and decrease costs by including various benefits. First, it is a way to decrease the overall weight of the building structure, by using less concrete and steel in comparison to traditional building methods. Second, the stackability of formwork elements allows savings in relation to transportation and storage space. Third, the installation is quick, simple, and independent from heavy machinery, which makes it much faster and environment-friendly.

We can present examples of our realized projects around the world, in different circumstances, that include various multi-solutions. Each project represents different results, depending on the combination of our products. You can save time and cost of your project by defining with our experts which combination of solutions is responding to your project needs. We can help you define your specific requirements and provide the most suitable combination of products and solutions. in order to lower your costs and speed up your construction process.

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