Modulo Formwork for lightweight structural fillings and ventilated foundations and slabs

Modulo formwork element

Modulo is a formwork for the construction of ventilated foundations, which separate the building from the ground.


When properly ventilated, these crawl spaces allow the elimination of rising damp and Radon Gas mitigation.


Modulo holds an EPD certification, which provides verifiable and comparable results of its environmental performance throughout its life cycle.



Installation Scheme

Installation scheme refrigeration cells


Modulo Geoblock accessory


GEOBLOCK allows a safe place on-site of a ventilated foundation. GEOBLOCK permits to cast at the same time both the foundation’s beams and the slab, saving time from the manpower. A monolithic concrete cast permits the obtainment of technical and safety advantages.


The STOPEND is the element that avoid the passage of concrete in the cavity. It's an accessory that can be available for the MODULO heights from 13 to 40 cm.
The combined use with MODULO, GEOBLOCK and STOPEND, permits cheap constructive solutions and of high technical significance.

Modulo Fast Leg accessory

Fast Leg

Fast Leg is a truncated pyramid-shaped element made of recycled polypropylene. It facilitates the pouring of concrete into Modulo legs in a single step.
Fast Leg is to be manually inserted into the leg space created by joined Modulo elements.
2 Fast Legs are required for every 2 meters of installed Modulo.
Fast Leg absorbs the pressure generated by the concrete and allows for the casting of concrete without interruptions.



Is MODULO treadable during installation?

Yes, it is. Just follow the recommendations indicated on the form. Only with temperatures above 30° C, it is necessary to be more careful.

How are ventilation stacks installed?

There is no exact calculations or prescriptions related to the required distance. To obtain an effective ventilation it is important to ensure the chimney effect, with the greatest as possible difference in height between north and south and an extended aeration surface. Geoplast Technical Department is in any case available to give all necessary assistance during both design and installation.

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