Products for rainwater management, water storage and wastewater treatment

Types and use of water management products

Geoplast water products are designed with the goal to improve rainwater management and increase the flood resilience of endangered areas. We have created innovative and successful products that can be used to build efficient rainwater reuse systems, to preserve the natural water cycle and to prevent the damages of massive urbanization. The prevention of flood damage for private houses, public buildings, and infrastructure projects, is an important factor in the reduction of expenses and saving of water resources.

Aquabox is our product for rainwater management that improves profitability and rainwater resilience. It provides stormwater retention, infiltration, wastewater disposal, as well as water reuse. Aquabox is 100 % inspectable, therefore, you can check the conditions of the basin anytime during its life cycle. It has 96 % water retention capacity, compared to 30% for gravel or crushed stone. That means Aquabox has more than 300% higher efficiency than traditional solutions. Also, it has high load-bearing capacity, which makes it suitable even for intensely urbanized areas.

Our New Elevetor Tank is the product for the construction of cast on-site tank for water storage. It creates underground concrete water storage tank for accumulation of rainwater in public areas like parks or parking lots. New Elevetor Tank is also suitable for household water harvesting and irrigation of small green areas. It prevents flooding by discharging the rainwater directly into sewage infrastructure.

Drening Reflue is made of polypropylene (PP), with high resistance to shocks and perfect for water-saving systems in agricultural lands, residential or parking areas. Drening Reflue can also be used for rainwater subdispersion from settlements that are not connected to the sewer system.

Drening and Drainpanel are our products for rainwater drainage. They create underground basins in public areas like parking lots or parks. Both products are suitable for irrigation, accumulation, draining, and disposal of the rain- or wastewater. Drening and Drainpanel prevent flooding by slowing down the discharge of rainwater. They are specifically useful in areas where city sewage infrastructure is missing.

Geocell is a cellular structural drainage panel with a high horizontal flow capacity. It is suitable for parking lots and pedestrian areas. Geocell accumulates and drains rainwater by providing both horizontal and vertical flow capacity.

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