Recycled plastic formwork

Recycled plastic formwork for the construction of walls, pillars, plinths, and round, oval, and square columns

Recycled plastic formwork products: traits and benefits

Geoplast recycled plastic formwork is suitable for constructing concrete columns, pillars, walls, plinths, and foundations directly on-site. Our modular formwork satisfies various construction and planning requirements: columns and pillars of different shapes and dimensions, as well as walls and foundations of different thicknesses and heights. Our products Geopanel, Geopanel Star, Geotub, and Geotub Panel are particularly lightweight compared to traditional wood panels. Moreover, the plastic material they are made of prevents concrete from sticking: each element can be easily cleaned just with a little water and then reused.

Geoplast recycled plastic formwork products can be reused more than 100 times when properly maintained. They are also available for rent, requiring minimal upfront investments and offering significant savings in material and storage space.

Geopanel is designed for constructing concrete walls, foundations, and columns of square or oblong sections. Its wide range of dimensions enables the creation of structures of any size and shape. It allows the construction of walls of any thickness and height. The wall panels, made of recycled ABS plastic, are very light and easy to handle at the worksite. Geopanel can also be used for constructing roofs, stairwells, and elevator shafts. Weighing only 11 kg, the panel facilitates fast installation and dismantling. The process of reuse can be repeated quickly on various floors of the building. Geopanel is ideal for use inside buildings or at construction sites that may be inaccessible to cranes and machinery.

Geopanel Star is used for creating columns and plinths. It shares all the characteristics of Geopanel but is adapted for installation suitable for square and oblong columns.

Geotub is used for constructing round columns of up to 6 m in height. It is suitable for restoration projects and small spaces without access to heavy machinery or cranes. Made of lightweight recycled plastic, Geotub allows construction in water and other extreme environments and weather conditions.

Geotub Panel is used for square and rectangular columns. It is adaptable to highly restricted storage possibilities and offers high resistance and long panel durability.

All Geoplast recycled plastic formwork products offer a sustainably profitable alternative to conventional building methods.

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