Road works water drainage

During intense rainfalls the road must be as free of water as possible, in order to avoid traffic disruptions or accidents. It is therefore necessary to adopt solutions to quickly drain water without overloading the drainage facilities

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Rainwater accumulation, draining, and disposal of wastewater

New Elevetor Tank

Accumulation tank made of reinforced concrete


Modular system for rainwater accumulation and draining


DRENING and DRAINPANEL can be used to create draining trenches or lamination basins, that guarantee a fast disposal of rainwater. DRENING and DRAINPANEL can be placed both in green areas (flowerbeds in roundabout) and in passage areas, thanks to their high resistance. Their modularity is perfect also for the installation under irregular surfaces.


NEW ELEVETOR TANK allows the creation of accumulation or lamination tanks, exploiting also parts of the planned infrastructure (above-elevation, embankments or earthworks. The structure of NEW ELEVETOR TANK provides high load resistance, which significantly reduces concrete consumption compared to traditional systems. NEW ELEVETOR TANK makes it possible to avoid the use of prefabricated elements, which are often difficult to handle on road construction sites.


  • High mechanical resistance
  • High storage capacity
  • Quick installation
  • Versatility
  • Passage of heavy vehicles
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