Equinix Center, Settimo Milanese, Milan, Italy

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 2604 m3

Aquabox was chosen for the construction of 2 rainwater accumulation tanks at the Equinix Center, located in Settimo Milanese in the Province of Milan. 

Since Aquabox was light and designed for manual setup, the basins were built with great efficiency. The larger one was set up in only 9 days with a 1,754 m3 capacity (85 x 17 x 1.2 m), while the smaller one took 5 days for an 850 m3 capacity (46 x 16 x 1.2 m).

These Aquabox basins were composed of 2 levels due to the shallow excavation depth: the bottom layer was made of Aquabox Cubes, while the top layer was made of Aquabox elements, with a total height of 1.2 m (0.4 + 0.8 m).

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