Industrial warehouse and office building, Cambridge, ON, Canada

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 2702 m3

Aquabox was selected as a sustainably profitable stormwater management solution for an industrial warehouse and office complex in Cambridge, Ontario. 

Our partners, Layfield Canada Ltd., used Aquabox HP and Aquabox Cube HP recycled plastic modules to construct 2 stormwater tanks:

  • North tank, with a capacity of 2.230 m³,
  • South tank, with a capacity of 472 m³.

Both tanks were constructed at a shallow excavation depth of 2.7 m, using only one layer of Aquabox modules, and designed to take into account significantly high groundwater.

The use of Aquabox as a stormwater management solution resulted in significant benefits, enhancing the project’s sustainability and profitability:

  • Less gravel: Aquabox required less aggregate compared to plastic arch chamber systems, leading to cost savings and reduced use of virgin materials,
  • Less machinery: Aquabox was assembled manually, without mechanical equipment, simplifying the construction process and reducing fuel and energy use,
  • Fast installation: Aquabox was designed for quick setup, leading to savings in time and labor costs,
  • Cost-effectiveness: Aquabox’s high capacity contributed to overall project savings, even at shallow excavation depths. 

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