Allianz Cloud sports hall in Milan

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 400 m3

New multi-use Allianz Cloud sports hall is the part of the sport complex Lido in Milan. 

Our Drainpanel was used to create 4 underground basins for rainwater accumulation. The height of the basins is 1,6 m, and the total volume created is 400 m3. Drainpanel modular elements were laminated in 7 levels, creating high capacity accumulation space. 

Laminated Drainpanel modules were overlaid with geomembrane. This way accumulation of water is provided and the flow into the subsoil is prevented. This solution provides water management on the site but also improves flooding resilience of the surrounding area.

Drainpanel modules are layed one upon the other and form mechanically resistant structure. Basins are suitable to be created in areas with congested traffic, even those with heavy vehicles. 

Drainpanel is useful for creation of water management basins because of its advantages:

  • Light weight and ease of handling, which decreases construction time and costs,
  • Stackability and suitability for storage on construction site,
  • High capacity accumulation,
  • Mechanical resistance to the load of traffic,
  • Instant improvement of flooding resilience of the surrounding, both natural or built.

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