Residential building, Trento, Italy

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 78 m3

Aquabox was chosen as a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the construction of a rainwater management basin at the residential complex in Trento, Italy.

Aquabox elements were used to build a fully inspectable infiltration system that would store, gradually release the incoming rainwater into the ground, and help preserve the natural water cycle on the site. The basin was built using 44 Aquabox and 64 Aquabox cube elements, with a 78 m3 capacity (10 x 3.25 m surface and a 2.4 m height).

The storage volume gained with Aquabox elements was 3 times higher compared to traditional methods, such as gravel or pipes. This resulted in the lower cost of digging, excavation work, and construction waste disposal (sand, gravel, or stone).

The Aquabox water management system was built by Martinelli & Benoni construction company.

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