Parking lots drainage

Large paved surfaces such as parkings need solutions to drain water quickly and efficiently in order to avoid floods or overloads on the sewer system

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Rainwater accumulation, draining, and disposal of wastewater

New Elevetor Tank

Accumulation tank made of reinforced concrete


Modular system for rainwater accumulation and draining


DRENING and DRAINPANEL allows the creation of underground basins to collect rainwater and facilitate the disposal in the subsoil, avoiding floodings and restoring the natural hydrological balance. Or it is also possible to laminate the flow rates in the drainage network. DRENING develops horizontally and maximizes widespread drainage, while DRAINPANEL is ideal if the surface is limited because it develops vertically. DRAINPANEL is best suited if the volumes to be stored temporarily are large.


NEW ELEVETOR TANK allows the creation of an underground lamination tank that disposes water in the subsoil with a controlled flow rate, preventing a sewerage system crisis. Its structure allows the creation of a system which is resistant to heavy loads and allows a significant reduction of concrete. The high capacity of NEW ELEVETOR TANK allows an in depth installation, with a reduced surface space.


  • High mechanical resistance
  • Versatility
  • Passage of heavy vehicles
  • Fast installation
  • High storage capacity
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