Busting a myth: sustainability increases construction costs

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It is a myth that sustainable solutions increase building expenses and can only yield savings later. Our Sustainable Profitability approach proves the opposite – using sustainable solutions decreases construction costs and accelerates building time.

Below is an example table of construction project savings:

Approach Non-sustainable Sustainable Profitability Savings

1,000,000 EUR

800,000 EUR

200,000 EUR

Time to build

12 months

8 months

4 months

Non-sustainable construction


1,000,000 EUR


12 months

Sustainable Profitability construction


800,000 EUR (200,000 EUR SAVINGS)


8 months (4 MONTHS SAVINGS)

The ROI improvement and building time savings mentioned above can be achieved by using our solutions and products:

Voided foundations

Plastic formwork for walls and columns

Lightweight slabs

Water management

Green solutions

  • Installing LEED-certified products may add up to substantial tax benefits and grants.

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