Aquabox is 3 times better than gravel

Aquabox is 3 times more efficient product for rainwater drainage compared to gravel. Gravel was so far the best traditional solution for rainwater dispersion. In comparison with swales and trench drains, it does not require as much land surface and excavation. Also, it is environmentally more sustainable than dry wells made out of concrete.

Aquabox Vs. Gravel

Benefits Aquabox Gravel
Water retention capacity 96 % 30 %
Inspectability 100 % Not inspectable
Delivery* 1 truck 75 trucks
Construction site storage* 20 m3 1,500 m3

*Infiltration basin of 450 m3 volume.

With 96 % water storage volume, our Aquabox significantly surpasses the gravel efficiency of 30 %. Therefore, Aquabox can drain 3 times more water than gravel for the same basin volume. It allows uniform diffusion of stormwater in all directions, ensuring the absorption and slow release of water during intense rainfall with high flow rates.

The modularity of Aquabox allows it to adjust to any basin shape, making it adaptable to congested urban areas. Since it is lightweight, stackable, and easy to install, Aquabox lowers transportation and installation costs in comparison with gravel and reduces traffic pollution. It saves storage space, making the construction work significantly more efficient than working with gravel.