Cost saving and profitability in construction will be more important after the Coronavirus crisis

Global crisis of this size will cause a change in construction, engineering, and architecture thinking and priorities. It is our estimate that cost-saving and profitability in building and use of buildings will gain in importance as both investors and users prefer leaner projects. We expect that lean construction, lean energy use, and risk minimization will gain more importance in the years after the Coronavirus crisis.

Below are our top articles which best define post-crisis building trends:

Construction projects are more profitable with Geoplast foundations

Our foundations solutions increase the sustainable profitability of any project, by reducing construction costs and increasing project value in the operational and reuse phase of the building. Our foundations are suitable both for new buildings and for reconstruction projects.

Energy cost savings with Geoplast green solutions

Energy cost savings with Geoplast green solutions

Our green roofs and green walls are an efficient passive energy solution and substantially lower energy costs. Both can be very easily installed on any existing building to reduce energy costs.

How Geoplast formworks make building more profitable?

Formwork is an inevitable part of any construction site, be it a single-family house or a multi-building complex. Its characteristics, performances, and way of use can significantly affect the final costs of the construction work.

How our Green and Water solutions together increase property value

Our green and water solutions can be easily installed in any phase of the project, from conceptual design to adaptation of the existing building. Besides improving sustainability of the environment and urban resilience, a combination of green and water solutions provides long term cost-benefits for owners and investors.

Our top projects in which we reduced building costs

Building costs are significantly reduced by using less concrete, less machinery, and construction works completed quicker. Our products support lean construction.