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EPS is bad

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is often used as a backfilling material. Here is why it is bad:

  • EPS is lightweight but bulky, taking a lot of truckloads and worksite space,
  • It is hygroscopic and susceptible to weathering conditions, slowing down the drying time of concrete and the total building time,
  • EPS fragments are easily scattered on the worksite, hard to collect and separate from dirt, which is why it is generally not accepted by the mainstream recycling programs,
  • It is accompanied by chemicals that are bad for the environment, such as glues, toxic additives, and flame retardants,
  • It is regarded as non-biodegradable and known to remain in water and soil for hundreds of years, only to come back to us in the form of plastic-contaminated food.

Modulo is better

Modulo is a perfect replacement for EPS. It can completely substitute polystyrene as a backfilling material, with none of its negative environmental issues, and a noticeable increase in building profitability:

  • Due to its stackability, it takes less worksite space and greatly reduces the need for transport,
  • Does not absorb water and can be used for both indoor and landscape projects,
  • It is made of lightweight yet durable recycled polypropylene (PP) that can be installed manually, but creates no waste that later needs to be transported to landfills,
  • Recycled polypropylene is made of plastic waste, and its use as a construction material significantly improves the sustainability of the environment,
  • Modulo’s engineered shape reduces the quantity of concrete and steel, and shortens the construction time,
  • It is modular, available in a large range of heights, sizes, accessories, and adaptable to any project,
  • It is versatile, and along with it being a filling system for slabs and foundations, it can also be used for inspectable ventilated and technical crawl spaces, lightened slabs, green roof walkways, or acoustic insulation,
  • By reducing the use of concrete it lowers CO2 emissions, which is especially notable in large-scale projects.

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