Shopping malls are better with Geoplast products

Geoplast, Modulo, Morocco Mall, Casablanca
Geoplast, Geotub, Blue Mall, Santo Domingo
Geoplast, New Elevetor Tank, MondoJuve Mall, Turin
Geoplast, Drainroof, Marina Casablanca Center

Shopping malls are landscrapers that involve massive surfaces, multiple users, and complicated infrastructure. A fast building process, high energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and interior adaptability are of utmost importance for their ROI. Here is a list of our products that solved many common problems of this building type over the years:

Problem: Too much filling material

Solved by: Modulo
Project: Morocco Mall, Casablanca, Morocco

Shopping malls have a large ground-floor surface that demands huge amounts of filling material. Creating raised slabs with Modulo enables great material savings, as well as ventilated foundations, and void space for MEP.

Problem: Building speed

Solved by: Geotub
Project: Blue Mall, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Geotub enables the pouring of a large number of round columns in record time with no heavy machinery while creating a perfectly smooth column surface that is irreplaceable for open-plan buildings.

Problem: Large paved areas prone to flooding

Solved by: New Elevetor Tank
Project: MondoJuve Mall, Turin, Italy

Shopping malls need large parking and paved surfaces that are susceptible to flooding. New Elevetor Tank is resistant to heavy loads and solves the problem of road and parking lot drainage while allowing rainwater reuse.

Problem: Too much energy wasted on HVAC

Solved by: Drainroof
Project: Marina Casablanca Center, Morocco

Shopping malls have a huge roof surface and making it green with Drainroof helps rainwater retention, contributes to the multi-functionality of the building, and greatly reduces air-conditioning costs.

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